Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006

Bonne Annee
Buon anno nuovo

Look at the time! I'm once again tired but wired simply because I spent the last few hours until midnight napping on and off, and wouldn't have made it home without the taxi.

Nothing wild, just an evening with Mum at her hotel room, sipping interesting drinks and watching the fireworks.

We saw Chronicles of Narnia today. It is awesome! I could have cried in most of the scenes, don't ask me why.
I love Lucy! She is adorable, her face so well expresses the wonder and awe. Great little actress and I hope to see more of her in future.
And if I were younger I would totally devour the actor who plays Peter. I hope he keeps his classic good looks as he grows up.

My mother leaves on Wednesday so I hope to make her my tangy grapefruit duck breast recipe. I had forgotten she keeps me so busy. I get morning wake-up calls and everything. So perhaps you will hear of my holiday later on.

I am working on my photo captions, but they are online so you will see them soon.

And now I'm hungry...